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Fri, Jun. 18th, 2004, 03:46 pm
susy_gwen: wahleecon update

Yes, so I figured that if I waited long enough, everyone else would have the comments up and I could just say that it was fabulous to meet everyone. Which it was, don't get me wrong. But I do have a minor clarification to make and a few of my own additions to add.

Wednesday night: Jake, the waiter is TWENTY ONE!!! Not twelve. But it was nice to have a "fan" recognize me.

My favorite part of Thursday, and the most infuriating come to think of it, was my Ginny against Ben's (wahlee_98's brother) Draco battle. As I said frequently during the night, I've never wanted to physically hurt anyone before, but it took every ounce of strength I had to not deck the irritating jerk! (The "encouragment" from redwood7 certainly didn't help the self control...but it was great fun!) I was thinking recently about Hermione's choice of food for Buckbeak. Is it forshadowing something Ben/Draco (aka the twitchy little ferrit.) :P

I enjoyed startling several of my junior high students who decided to show up at the theatre. Goodness, their math teacher actually has a life...well, a Harry Potter obsessed life...but who knew? Also there was the checking up on my little sister and her very social (yet not obsessed with HP) friends. Yes, they thought we were wierd and obnoxious, but what did they expect? That we'd sit there quietly and not say anything? I don't think so!

Friday brought my last day of school, so unfortunately, I couldn't eat with everyone at the Mayan. But my brother and my friend celloannie came to watch the matinee with me. I haven't said it before, but I thought the movie was spectacular. The changes from the book I think are acceptable because the movie was fun. I don't think that it had a slow moment in it. The old actors were great, and the new additions were wonderful. I loved the fact that Lupin listened to big band music. And even though he isn't visually what I picture Lupin as, he did a great job with the part. Dinner, the party, and Botherfic reading was wonderful. I enjoyed each and every moment of each.

I hadn't been to Lagoon in several years, so it was a blast to go with everyone. I throughly enjoyed hearing fellytone_k8's history of Lagoon, because I'd forgotten so much of it from my Utah History classes. ;) The ride home with fellytone_k8, andmore, and stmarysalice was fun as we listened to music that I normally wouldn't. Thanks for the exposure. As much as I love RotK, it was practically impossible to stay awake. I was running on 7 hours of sleep for 72 hours after working, playing, and an adrenhinelin-rush weekend in general. But I loved listening to everyone's comments. I will always think of Pippin being addicted to the CRAX from now on.

Sunday brought sunshine and Music and the Spoken Word. If you think about it, our weather was wonderful all weekend long. And that's saying something when talking about Utah weather. I love listening to the Morman Tabernacle Choir live. It just means more when you're there in the tabernacle rather than watching it at home on the television or listening on the radio. The selections were beautiful, and it was hard not to cry during God Bless America. I have lots of thoughts about that song and the choir, but that's a story for another time. I do wish that we had more time to tour the Conference Centre. As large as it looks from the ground looking up, it's a whole other story looking from the balcony down. There is also beautiful artwork and sculptures and the garden on the roof that is incredible. So, for anyone coming back, plan an hour or two to finish that part of the tour. Unfortunately, I needed to get home for my church meetings, so I couldn't say a proper good-bye to everyone.

I'm sorry that I haven't mentioned everyone by name, but there are just so many of you! I remember faces well, but matching them to the names is the problem. Anyway, if you'd like any of the pictures, you're welcome to them. And I'd be happy to add any and all of you to my friends list...if you just remind of who you are. (Hmmm...seem to be having a Lockhart moment.)

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