Anybody heeeeeeere...?

*throws the dust covers off the furniture and opens the curtains*

Been a long time since anyone posted here, huh? Nearly as long ago now as the event the comm was created for!

Well, I'm re-opening the place to bring you the long (LONG) awaited Wahleecon video, which has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. It's split into two parts, which add up to about 45 minutes of video (so be patient waiting for it to load - seriously, it's going to take a while). Enjoy!

And more importantly - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wahlee_98!

Click here, Wahleeconners!
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Doctor Who?

Pics needed!

Hey Wahleeconners!

Over at SQ on the JKR letter project thread, sveltskye is asking for pics of SQers, especially in costume, for a collage she's making. I'm sending her a few of my Wahleecon pics, and I thought I'd give you a heads-up in case any of you had some you'd like to contribute.

You can send her a PM through the SQ system with a URL if you've got any you're willing to share.

Maybe this'll give me the kick in the butt I need to get my write-ups finished. :P
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Do you remember this?

I was looking through my wahleecon pictures again the other day and I found this:

I think it's Kate Kinsel and the Fellytones. I don't know how this picture got into my files, though. My memory of the birthday party is a bit fuzzy--does anyone else remember anything like this?

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Wahleecon dreams?

I've had lots of dreams about Wahleecon for the past month. They've died down lately but I had one this morning that I just had to share.

It was Wahleecon but it took place in Las Vegas at a much larger hotel with many more people milling around. I was so afraid that I would miss out on the goodbyes, I spent most of the time running around the lobby looking for anyone I knew. But there was one thing that seemed to be thwarting my efforts at every turn. The waffles.

For those of you who didn't get to partake in the Best Western's continental breakfast, they had iron-them-yourself waffles which were very yummy. But the waffles in my dream were already cooked by Emily's family. They had provided boxes of pre-made waffles for us. (The homemade kind, none of this Eggo business.) They just needed to be heated up. Well, the only way to reheat a waffle so it's crispy again is through a toaster. So I had to run back and forth from the motel lobby to the Bytheway's kitchen (which was conveniently attached to the motel) to check on the waffles. The waffles kept causing me delays. They got soggy because the toaster was full of water (from the stack of sliced ham in the other slot of course). I got lost on my way back to the lobby. Strangers kept distracting me. Bleh. I've had lots of anxiety dreams before but never after the fact. It was too funny. I literally woke up laughing.

Oh, and fellytone_k8's boyfriend looked like Patrick Swayze. A young Patrick Swayze with lots of hair. Not a mullet! He very sweetly came to pick her up from the motel. They were a very cute couple!

Is anyone else still having strange dreams? I can't be the only one.
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A man... a plan...
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Three Quick Notes

1 - I want to warn you that in a few days when I think people have had a chance to read them, I plan to change all my Wahleecon reports from public to friends-only. I suspect this will be a relief to those of you whose pictures and real first names I have blatantly blazoned all over the internet.

So if you're not on my friends list and you've been putting off forcing yourself through the slog of reading them, or you want to steal a photograph, this is your chance.

2 - If you *are* copying any of my pics, I'm planning to re-scan the picture of Rachel in Part 1 and the one of Amelia in Part 4 where my scanner made a scratch across their faces. Will probably be done today.

3 - I'm planning to publish the results of the wahleecon poll Very Soon Now. This is your last chance to vote!
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Into the West, part 4

Much that once was is lost.

Do any now live who remember it?

Will history become legend; legend become myth? Will much that should not have been forgotten become lost?

Not while I have fingers, and a keyboard to tap them on!


Much has been told, in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, of the great Council of Wahlee, held to mark the coming of the Third Movie, wherein was forged the Great Alliance of Ents and Orcs. This is the tale of its ending and passing away. It's, like, all sad and stuff, so read if you dare! ( read more )
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such a badass
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Into the West, part 3

Part 1
Part 2

I opened my eyes on the morning of June 4th and discovered that, just as I'd predicted the night before, it was, indeed, another day. Another day to revel in the company and conversation of like-minded Potterphiles. Another day to appreciate the incredibly orderly street-naming conventions of Salt Lake City and wahlee_98's crystal clear Guidebook directions. Another day to eat too much and exercise too little. But -- most of all -- it was another day to ponder and obsess over the life-changing new experience I'd been exposed to the previous night, for my mind to savor and delight in the ramifications of... Tribonds! ( read more )
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wahleecon update

Yes, so I figured that if I waited long enough, everyone else would have the comments up and I could just say that it was fabulous to meet everyone. Which it was, don't get me wrong. But I do have a minor clarification to make and a few of my own additions to add.

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I'm sorry that I haven't mentioned everyone by name, but there are just so many of you! I remember faces well, but matching them to the names is the problem. Anyway, if you'd like any of the pictures, you're welcome to them. And I'd be happy to add any and all of you to my friends list...if you just remind of who you are. (Hmmm...seem to be having a Lockhart moment.)

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Jo's Fan

The Neverending Story: Part One

I figured I should post at least the first part of my recap before people tire of reading about wahleecon. Admittedly, I include too much detail and tend to ramble, but hey, this recap is for me too! If anyone spots the line from PoA (the book) I butchered and awkwardly inserted into this entry, let me know. You might win a prize. Without further ado...

The Neverending Story
Part One: Thursday

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